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Recently Belshina JSC took a huge step forward in terms of equipment renewal, technology upgrading which facilitated  laucnhing  new generation of products.

All the efforts in developing and promoting new passenger car tires line under the brand Artmotion were fully materialized. The market has accepted the product wery well and actual sales for 2014 exceeded their expected level by 15%.

Belshina JSC is one of the leading tyre manufacturers that is moving forward in developping of new tyre sizes. As a result at the nearest future, within a few months, new tyre sizes  for luxury passenger cars will be presented under new brand line Artmotion HP.

Hard work of qualified designers and engineering center allowed the company to develop a new modern and technologically advanced tyre with R17-R18 rim size.




Abbreviation "HP" means "High Performance" tires. Tyres of this class are characterized by high reliability, minimal sound level, they provide excellent adhesion performance on wet surfaces. Low rolling resistance significantly reduces fuel consumption.

High class of tyres Artmotion HP is confirmed by the laboratory  tests conducted at IDIADA (Spain) on a special testing ground.

The results of tests held at the Spanish test site fully justified manufcturer's expectations. Now Belshina JSC can confidently offer to owners of luxury cars product of the new generation - modern and technologically advanced tyres with rim size of R17.

In a nearest future Belshina JSC will go on trial with R18 rim size tyres. After undergoing the required certification tests of the UNECE, the next year new tyre size will be put into mass production and car owners will be able to evaluate  Belarusian novelty.