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NEW ALL_STEEL RADIAL OTR tyre of 57'' has been released.


JSC "Belshina" (Belarus) is proud to announce of the release of the first RADIAL OTR tyre of 57” inches, that is highly demanded for heavy-duty mining dump trucks. The price of this tyre will be the most competitive amoung its rivals.

As a part of investment project JSC “Belshina” released its first ALL-STEEL RADIAL OTR tyreof 57” INCHES. Tyre height of more than 3.5 meters is designed for dump trucks with carrying capacity up to 220 tons.

Furthermore, today the company is nearing completion of major investment projects for the production of all-steel radial tyres of the size 63’’ inches. New first class equipment will increase the range and volume of ALL-STEEL RADIAL OTR tyres production, especially for heavy-duty mining dump trucks with carrying capacity up to 450 tons. Those tyres are used for such heave-duty mining dump trucks like BelAZ (biggest in the World), Komatsu, Catterpillar and other.

Above mentioned investment project was started in 2013 by purchasing of first class equipment of leading world companies, following by two other stages: production of 57-63 inches tyres as well as increase of tyre production with diameter of 49-51 inches.