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Construction of the Belarusian tire works (now BELSHINA Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC)) in Bobruisk, Republic of Belarus, started after Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted the resolution No 299 dd March 25, 1963 that read:” Concerning measures to more fully employ human resources of the Belarusian SSR”, and Supreme Council of National Economy of the USSR passed decree No 90 dd July 11, 1965, approving design project of BTF (Belarusian tire works) construction.
Actual construction of Belarusian tire factory was started in September 1965.
 In 1968 a number of mechanical facilities were commissioned (later “mechanical works”), where equipment for prospective production workshops was manufactured and assembled, new methods of tires assembly were adjusted and tire production workers were trained in practice.
On December 31, 1971 the first Belarusian tire for 27-ton BelAZ dump truck was manufactured at the experimental bay of the mechanical production premises.
On December 31, 1972 Large-dimension tires works was commissioned.
In December 1976 Car and truck tires works was put into operation.
On January 31, 1985 the fourth works of super large-dimension tires, as part of Bobruiskshina industrial association, was commissioned.
In May 1992 by the order of the State committee for industry and inter-branch productions of the Republic of Belarus, Bobruiskshina industrial association was transformed into Belshina Belarusian tire works
On September 2002 Mogilev regional executive committee adopted the resolution No18-13 concerning registration of Belshina JSC (State registration Certificate No 700016217 dd 07.09.2002).