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Joint Stock Company "Belshina" produce tires since 1972. Its territory occupies 173,6 hectares. More than 12 thousand people are working there.

Belshina JSC is one of the largest enterprises in Europe, producing over 300 nominal sizes of tires for cars, trucks, heavy trucks, road construction and lifting transport vehicles, electric motor vehicles, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery.
Belshina JSC was the first works in CIS to master and mass-produce truck metal-cord tires.

The company includes: large-dimension tires works, Car and truck tires works, super large-dimension tires works, mechanical works and other structures needed for production organization and products marketing, as well as social infrastructure.

Up-to-date equipment, highly skilled personnel, use of advanced scientific and technical achievements guarantee top quality of the produce.
Taking into account market demands and latest achievements of tire manufacturing industry, experts of technological and design departments constantly update and expand range of products, improving their quality.

Reliability and endurance of Belarusian tires have gained them high reputation among local and foreign consumers.
The major local consumers of tires are largest manufacturers in the republic, like BelAZ PA, MAZ, MTZ, MZKT, Gomselmash RUE, Amkodor OJSC, and others.

Belshina JSC has business mutually beneficial relations with more than 60 countries worldwide. The company’s products are sold not only in Russia and other CIS countries, but also in Europe, Middle East, Africa, as well as North and South America.

The principal objectives of the company are:

  • manufacture of high-quality products, similar to foreign analogues and meeting consumers’ demands;
  • expanding the range of products in compliance with customers’ demand;
  • winning over new buyers by optimizing selling network, using marketing instruments in goods market promotion;
  • profit making to satisfy social and economic interests of the personnel and the owner.

Strategic targets of Belshina JSC are:

  • maximum satisfaction of end users’ demands both on the local and foreign market;
  • increase of export sales and upkeep of Belshina JSC share on the market of tires abroad;
  • improvement of export sales efficiency;
  • consolidating the company’s image as a reliable partner and major manufacturer of high-quality tires in wide assortment.

The company conducts flexible prizing policy and takes measures to reduce manufacture costs, does market research aiming at comprehensive market study and analysis of qualitative characteristics of products.